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May, 2018

Single Parenthood – who would do this to themselves on purpose?

By on May 17, 2018

I’m raising 2 1/2 children alone. 1/2 of the third child splits her time between her mother and me.

For the life of me, it’s beyond imagination why anyone would do this on purpose.

Up early in the morning to make lunches (cursing that only half of it will get eaten, but it’s random which kids and which items), rides to school, then work and house work to keep the home together and money coming in.

Finish up by 2:30 pm (where did those 5 hours go???), pick up the children, afternoon activity, snack, homework, dinner, then, finally, some down time. Well, an hour at least. Then bedtime, battles over teeth, faces, no phones, all right phones but only for 15, okay 20, fine! 30 minutes. A final television show together and…I pass out.

Then wake up in the morning to do it all over again.

Weekends are a bit of a relief because they are not structured and the kids can be chased out of the house to play in the back yard. But because they go to a regional school play dates require planning, transportation and, more importantly, energy.

So, no, there’s been no writing. But there is a light for me – they are back with their mother come this summer and I will be able to resume authoring!